G. Fox Oral History Project

Bruce and Sondra Astor Stave

Bruce and Sondra Astor Stave

One of my favorite parts of the G. Fox collection is the Oral History Project that is currently being completed by oral historians Bruce Stave and Sondra Astor Stave, pictured here. They have been interviewing former employees of G. Fox & Co. as well as some of the descendants of Beatrice Fox Auerbach. The final transcriptions of these interviews will be available with the collection.

I’ve had the opportunity to read through the transcriptions that have already been completed and they are just fascinating. It really makes me wish I had been alive during the heyday of Fox’s.

CHS recently held a tea to thank the former employees for participating in the oral history project. Everyone had a great time. Below is a group picture of the former G. Fox employees with two of Beatrice Fox Auerbach’s granddaughters, Brooksie and Rena Koopman.

Former Employees of G. Fox & Co.

Pictured from left to right are: Brooksie Koopman, Carl Candels, Ann Uccello, Eunice Kelly, Paul Mullen, Roslyn Blawie, Carmelo Brutto, A. Michael Aiello, Jay Lichtenbaum, and Rena Koopman.


5 thoughts on “G. Fox Oral History Project

  1. I am so thrilled to see this project on G.Fox. In the picture with Ann U. and Roz, it brought back so many memories. It truly was the best experience in my life working there in the late ’60’s in the executive training program. I would love to connect with your effort and hear about former employees. I remember so many wonderful people Ira, Ms. Balliano, Ms. Selligman, Mr. Abraham. Lee Dahlstrom, Felix, Greg Dowling,
    on and on. Have looking for news like this for years!


    • Nancy,
      Thank you so much for your comments. I would love to hear more about your memories of working at G. Fox. Would you be interested in participating in the Oral History Project yourself? I’m sure your own recollections would greatly add to our understanding of the store.

      Many thanks again for sharing!

  2. Is the Oral History available online? I would love to hear the recollections the “alumini/ae”. Where can I find it, please?

    • Mr. Murtha,
      Thank you for your question. The oral histories are not currently available online. They are available in both transcript and audio form in the research center at the Connecticut Historical Society. We would love to have you come in and take a look at this material if you are interested.

      I hope to see you at CHS sometime in the future!

      Many thanks for your question.

  3. Hello

    I was reading about the G Fox History Project.
    I was looking for Lee Durant Dahlstrom then found
    that he had passed away. The reason I am posting here
    is that I am trying to find any family of his or someone who may of been his friend. It mentions he worked for G Fox, Well any help connecting me to family or friends would be good.

    Thank You
    Robert Young

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