Mrs. Auerbach, Dog Lover

As an animal lover myself, I was especially delighted to learn that Beatrice Fox Auerbach was one as well, especially when it came to dogs! I discovered various references to different dogs who were in the Auerbach household interspersed throughout the collection.

One of my favorites is the American Kennel Club Registration Certificate for Mrs. Auerbach’s male cocker spaniel, Tarascon Auer Beige! But long before “Beige” became a member of the family, there was “Laddie.” This dog was made famous (so to speak) by his appearance alongside Mrs. Auerbach’s daughters, Georgette and Dorothy, in the Hartford Courant of February 27, 1921. And I have to at least mention another of Mrs. Auerbach’s cherished pets, “Beauty,” who was described in an article as “an audacious little pug.”

Mrs. Auerbach was not only a dog lover and owner. For many years, Beatrice Fox Auerbach was involved with the Governor’s Foot Guard Dog Show. For instance, the G. Fox & Co. special cup for the best in the working class was awarded to Prince Favoriet van der Konigstad, a Doberman Pinscher, during the first dog show in 1925. For twenty-two years, beginning in 1946, Mrs. Auerbach was the chief patron of the Foot Guard dog show and sponsored the Beatrice Fox Auerbach Trophy, awarded to the dog named Best in Show. Traditionally, Mrs. Auerbach personally awarded the coveted Auerbach Trophy to that Dog of dogs and her grandchildren were also often on hand to help with the presentation. In fact, for several years after her death, members of the Auerbach family continued to present the award named in her honor.

In addition to Beige’s registration certificate, we also have five programs from the Governor’s Foot Guard dog show, including one from the show’s silver anniversary year.

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