Tauber Co. and Tauberlak kefir

Articles have been written about the Jewish farmers of Connecticut, but it was only recently that the CHS received its first related records. Benjamin and Mary Tauber operated a farm in Uncasville. In the 1930 census his primary language is listed as Yiddish and hers was Russian.  These Russian immigrants developed a “honey malt tonic” called Tauberlak, a name they trademarked. There are letters in this relatively small collection from school principals in New London and from the United States Coast Guard attesting to the value of Tauberlak and their intent to continue providing it to their students or sailors. Two other letters are orders for more Tauberlak kefir and some regular milk for the Coast Guard. To these are added several advertising post cards and a sample label. The few items we have only whet one’s appetite to learn more about this “niche” market.

1 thought on “Tauber Co. and Tauberlak kefir

  1. I am the person who donated the items about Tauberlak. I was disappointed when I read the sentence “I would bet anything that Benjamin and Mary were not their “real” names. Just what is being implied here?? My grandparents came from Russia originally so of course they had Russian names. No doubt when they sailed to America, some government official translated their names into English, so they could be written in the ship’s manifest using the English, not Russian alphabet. This cannot be much of a surprise to anyone familiar with the history of immigrants in this country. But from the time they left Russia, and on virtually every document I have, their names are Benjamin and Mary. If I had any notions of sending other materials to the Connecticut Historical Society, they are gone now. I’m not sure why you saw fit to include that sentence in your description, but I find it offensive. Norma Coblenz, granddaughter of Mary and Benjamin.

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