Theresa Stern Fox and her Eyeglasses

Theresa Stern Fox was the wife of Moses Fox and mother of Beatrice and Fannie. In my opinion, the neatest thing we have that belonged to Theresa is her eyeglass prescription along with a pair of her old lenses. I don’t know how historically significant this item may be, but I think it’s still incredibly nifty!

The eyeglass prescription is from 1917, written by Dr. E. Terry Smith of Hartford. Evidently, Theresa needed a new pair of reading glasses. The lenses are most likely from her previous prescription and were removed so that the lenses from the new prescription could be placed in her existing frames.

Without this prescription, we may never have known that Theresa wore glasses and, while I don’t know the relevance of having that information, I am certainly happy with having added another detail to the life of one member of the Fox family.

1 thought on “Theresa Stern Fox and her Eyeglasses

  1. probably, the old eyeglasses frame has real value as a collectible aside from being a historic item. Of course the original lenses from this ear would have not only historic value but also value as a collectible too.

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