Friday Fun (or why I love the archives)!

Today I was finishing up a catalog entry for the papers of Captain Christopher Riley. During the War of 1812 Riley served with the 37th Regiment U.S. Infantry. As I flipped through a letter book he kept, I found a draft for an advertisement to be placed in the Connecticut Courant:

Letter book, Christopher Riley papers, 1812-1821, Ms 64088. Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, CT

Just for fun, I searched the Historical Hartford Courant (available to Connecticut residents through iConn) to see if the ad actually ran. It did!

"Front Page 2 -- No Title. " Connecticut Courant (1791-1837) 8 Jun 1813,ProQuest Historical Newspapers Hartford Courant (1764 - 1922), ProQuest. Web. 25 Feb. 2011.

Part of what makes working in the archives so enjoyable is the ability to make connections such as this.

If the War of 1812 is your interest, check back in the next week or so for a post by Barbara about several other collections on that topic. In the meantime, you are welcome to visit and study any of our collections.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun (or why I love the archives)!

  1. HI, Doing research about a Joseph Clark who served in the 37th Reg. in the War of 1812. He is buried in the Spirit Lake, Iowa cemetery. He died in 180 living to be a ripe old age. He was married two times and had 8 children. Can you give me more about the 37th Reg.?

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