Friday Fun: Did you get your invitation?

Invitation to Lincoln's inaugural ball, 1865, Ms 101010. Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, CT

One hundred forty-six years ago today (or if you’d prefer, sevenscore and six), President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural ball was held in Washington, DC. Among those invited was Miss Mary Curtin of Connecticut. Unfortunately, my search to find any information in the Courant about state residents who attended proved fruitless. Anecdotely, though, I know Miss Curtin was not the only one.

Speaking of Lincoln, as many of you know, this year marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War. There are many activities planned around the country as part of the commemoration. Be sure to check out the upcoming exhibit at CCSU, “Picturing the Civil War: Kellogg Lithographs and Civil War Envelope Covers from the Collection of the Connecticut Historical Society,” opening March 30. Visit the Connecticut Civil War Commemoration Commission to learn more about happenings in Connecticut.

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