Colt’s sold hay forks?

I know it is a good day when I learn something new. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Colts Patent Fire Arms Company made and sold hay forks! We recently acquired two documents, one giving exclusive rights to C.E. Warner to sell horse hay forks throughout the United States, with the exception of New York and Michigan, 1870. The second document explains the exclusion of New York. This one authorized Colt Patent Fire Arms Co. to make and sell caliper horse hay forks in the state of New York, 1871.

Copy of an agreement to sell hay forks,1870,  Ms 101583

In the same lot we also acquired a transfer of patent for the “Improvement in Revolving Fire Arms” by the executor of Elihu Root’s estate to Colts, dated 1866. Root was an engineer by training and when he was hired by Colt in 1849 as factory superintendent, he further refined the automated production of guns to increase speed and reduce errors. He also patented any number of improvements to fire arms.

Finally, in the same acquisition we received lists of pistols on hand at the New York City firm Moore & Baker. In January 1853 the firm had 1 army pistol, 2 navy pistols, two six-inch, 2 five-inch, one five-inch with no flint, and  two four-inch pistols, seven small cases and two navy cases. The list from April shows a dramatic increase in the pistols “on hand”.

This newly acquired collection can be accessed in our Research Center. Ask for Ms 101583 Colt Patent Fire Arms Co.

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