A Glimpse of Hellen Keller in Her Garden

Nothing is more ephemeral than a garden, unless it’s a person. Gardens change from season to season and most often die with their creators, leaving nothing but memories.  Photography has the magical ability to bring back lost gardens and people long dead.  Helen Keller had a garden full of fragrant flowers at her home, Arcan Ridge, in Easton, Connecticut, where she lived for more than thirty years following the death of her companion and teacher, Annie Sullivan. Deaf and blind, Keller was able to pursue an active career as a writer and humanitarian. In this photograph by Rosalie Thorne McKenna, which was given to CHS in 2011 by the Rosalie Thorne McKenna Foundation, we can see how Keller, who died at Arcan Ridge on June 1, 1968, was able to experience and appreciate nature through the fragrance of the flowers with which she surrounded herself. To find out more, go to YourPublicMedia.Image

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