School is Out

schools-outThe end of the school year is a time of mixed emotions. School is over and teachers need the break as much as the kids, but it is also sad because most of the work over the summer is in front of a computer screen.

As teachers we will spend the next two months working plans to refine and revamp on our lessons, taking out things that are not working so well and adding things that we want to try out. All that work though through the year gets exhausting so these planning months will give us time to recharge and get ready for all the new students in the fall. We make all these new plans, and even when some fall flat it’s okay because that is part of the fun of teaching. The ability to constantly change and adapt is the exciting part of being a teacher, although that is also the most exhausting part of the job.

The break is welcome and by the end of the summer I know I will be ready to get in front of a group of students and tell them all about Connecticut’s history in the Fall.

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