Kids + Summer: A Secret Formula for Parents

CHS Summer kids programsAh, summer. The time for all those summer kid activities: Camps, amusement parks, pools, education—SHHH! Bite your tongue, it’s summer! Well, just because kids are on summer vacation, doesn’t mean their minds need to shut down either.

As the father of a perpetually active and intellectual-beyond-his-years young boy, I am constantly searching for activities that are not only fun, but have some (possible) educational components as well. Luckily, one of the strengths of CHS is its educational programs, even during the summer.

I simply love the family/kid focused programs CHS offers. They are all so hands-on and designed in a way that makes history not only relevant, but come alive. Every kid in Connecticut should experience the “Charter Oak” program in which school children play (very) active roles in the telling of Connecticut’s history. Not being a native of the Nutmeg state, one of the first things I did when I started working at CHS was to attend one of these programs and I walked away enriched as well as entertained. But, now I know the story of the Connecticut Charter! Heck, even snarky adults who “hate history” (gasp!) would have fun with these.

During July & August, CHS is focusing in on some rich and fun ways to keep kids active, both physically and cerebrally. The offerings are basically threefold, scattered across the summer months:

  1. Free Saturday Family programs (first Saturday of every month)
  2. Story & Crafts at the Museum (ages 6 and under)
  3. Passport to Connecticut History Summer Series (ages 7-10)

Every week there is a new offering for the story/craft and passport programs. Topics include Cars and Transportation, Flowers and Gardens, Colors and Exploration, Sports and Exercise, Cooking and Kitchens, Nature Walk and Collections, Numbers and Clocks, What is a Museum?, Building a Connecticut Community, My Family History, Native Americans in Early Connecticut, Daily Life in Colonial Connecticut, Toys and Games in Connecticut History, and Immigration. For details on the programs, click here.

From making crafts to exploring the interactive exhibits to hearing about and re-enacting history, kids will be challenged and learn while having a memorable and bonding time with family. Combining fun and education is the best of both worlds for a parent. Discover how fun history can be with me and my family this summer. See you at the museum.

Ed Main is the Communications Manager at the Connecticut Historical Society

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