My First Car Was a….

1992 Jeep Cherokee. Bought used from my parents for a generous discount that I could feel guilty about for years. I then put 12,000 miles on that red beast in a 30-day post-graduation cross-country road trip with my two best friends. Someone forgot to put the coolant cap back on during a re-fill outside San Francisco, which left us on the side of Highway 101 cooling off until a state trooper pulled up behind us to check out our Maine license plate and shot the breeze with us for a bit since he wasn’t busy, just looking for DWHUA drivers. (“That’s Driving With Head Up A–.”)

Everyone’s got a car story. It’s fun to walk through our newest exhibit every day to see what visitors have added to the chalkboard:


“Behind the Wheel”  is an exhibit about learning and loving to drive when cars were new. You’ll find automobile safety posters, early drivers’ licenses, road maps, tour guides and photographs. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to leave your own car memories, too. Here are a few more samples:

Sold my Jeep at 200,000 miles. Still ran like a champ.


Ben Gammell is the Coordinator of Interpretive Projects at the Connecticut Historical Society.

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