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Hello from the PR/communications team at CHS. I thought it may be interesting to hear a bit about what we have been up to and what we do.

One of our biggest responsibilities is getting the word out on what’s happening at CHS including exhibits, programs, outreach, etc. Sounds easy but think of all the places you can go online and off and find out what is happening around Hartford and Connecticut. For CHS, every single one of those places means needing to submit new information to give info about each event or program that CHS will be hosting. Now add in our own communications such as the blog here, the website, the e-newsletters, and so on and you are starting to see scope of the day-to-day communication tasks (and organization) that it takes. Luckily, CHS has an incredible team in place to create, edit and distribute this information but we are always looking for ways to improve. Do you have any ideas on a place we can post events and programs? Let us know.

Here’s what hot at CHS now:

There’s a new sheriff coming to town

image 1As many of you probably heard, Jody Blankenship has been announced as the fifth Executive Director at CHS replacing Kate Steinway, who announced her retirement plans in November 2012. We are all very excited to have him onboard and media seems to be interested in hearing what he has to say. Jody has already talked with Colin McEnroe on WNPR this week and we are currently booking him for future appearance and interviews including an appearance on WTNH’s Connecticut Style in September (watch our Facebook or Twitter feeds to know when exactly)

Photo Contest

image 2

As we prepare for the opening of Through a Different Lens: Three Connecticut Women Photographers, opening October 11, 2013, we wanted to connect the historic photography to today. With smart phones and apps such as Instagram, everyone is a photographer these days. What better way to celebrate photography than to host a photo contest!? Winners and select entries will be displayed in the museum for all to see as an accompanying exhibit! With bragging rights at stake, no entry fees and great prizes to boot what do you have to lose? Make sure you enter before September 21!

Yoga, furniture & witches, oh my

image 3

The start of fall means hectic schedules for all and our calendar is no different. The gamut of events coming up at CHS is not only wide, but deep. From family-friendly yoga and reike demonstrations to a new series focusing on furniture to a spirited (pun intended) discussion on witches, CHS has lots to consider. Make sure you check out our newly updated calendar page at

In addition, our regular month programs continue: (also at

image 4

First Saturdays: Free admission and Family Programs – On September 7, the family program Is connected to the This Won’t Hurt a Bit exhibit, with Pain, Pain Going Away, ways to minimize our pain today through reike and yoga. On October 5, the family program will focus on celebrating family and family trees for “Celebrate Family History Month”.

Second Saturdays: Behind-the-Scenes Tours (BTS) – On September 14, the BTS tour will feature maps including Abel Buell‘s first map of the United States. On October 12, CHS gets Creepy with a BTS tour featuring death portraits, tales of vampires and séances and our famous corpse preserver.

Fourth Saturdays: Secrets of the Veeder House Tours

Ed Main is the Communications Manager at the Connecticut Historical Society

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