Let’s Go Huskies! Let’s Go Interns!

stephen blog 1Fall is the time when students of all ages head back to school. It is also the time of year when the CHS Education Department welcomes two new interns through a partnership program with the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education. The interns from the program (this is our fifth year!) have earned their undergraduate degrees, completed their student-teaching requirements, and are 5th year students pursuing their Master Degree in Education.

So, let me (using their own autobiographical write-ups!) introduce you to our newest set of interns—Sara and Stephen.

sara blog 2Sara graduated from UConn in May 2013 with her undergraduate degrees in History and Secondary Social Studies Education and is currently enrolled as a graduate student in the Neag School of Education. She is passionate about both history and teaching, and aspires to help students appreciate the past and become better scholars and citizens. Her life experiences—growing up in Minnesota, attending a University on the East Coast, and studying abroad in London, England in 2011—have vastly broadened her view of history and the world. Sara is excited to work with the Connecticut Historical Society and to learn about education through a different medium that takes place outside of a classroom. She cannot wait to engage students in unique and fun ways.

stephen blog 2Stephen hails from the sleepy suburbs of Milford, CT, where he spends his summers tending his small exotic vegetable garden and roasting his own coffee beans. In his spare time, Stephen is a musician who writes and performs his own music in coffeehouses and on street corners from Milford to Brooklyn, New York. As a student, Stephen is especially interested in American history and hopes to become a high-school Social Studies teacher. He recently traveled to Europe (for the first time) to study World War II and toured sections of England, France, the Netherlands, and Germany.

sara blog 1We are very excited to welcome Sara and Stephen. Look for more from our interns—I am sure that they will be called upon to write an Education blog entry…or two!

Erin Strogoff  is the Coordinator of Youth & Family Programs at the Connecticut Historical Society

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