“F/8 and Be There!”

History of photography enthusiasts might recognize the quote above, generally attributed to Arthur Fellig, a photojournalist in the 1930s and ‘40s. His advice – half technical, half philosophical – was based on the method he found worked best for him, when all cameras were manually operated. The first half refers to the aperture setting on a camera lens; f/8 is an aperture that typically provides optimum sharpness, plenty of depth of field for quick focus, and flexibility to adjust the shutter speed. Setting his camera lens to (f)8 gave him the ability to capture fleeting moments, without wasting time to make technical adjustments. Perhaps in the second half Mr. Fellig (nicknamed Weegee for his uncanny ability to be first on the scene) was suggesting that while it’s always good to be ready for a moment, it’s better to be there when it happens.

This week, CHS staff will put the finishing touches on the new exhibition, Through a Different Lens: Three Connecticut Women Photographers. The photographs from two CHS collections document two generations of women photographers in Connecticut: Harriet V. S. Thorne (1843-1926), Marie Hartig Kendall (1854-1943), Rosalie Thorne McKenna (1916-2003). Selected images from the photo contest held in conjunction with the exhibit will also be on view.

What could be better than being ready for a new exhibition? Being there, of course! We make sure all the details are in place for the best possible visitor experience, including the shopping experience. The CHS store will have new exhibition related merchandise, such as note cards and reproduction prints of selected exhibition images:

as well as photography related merchandise:

Capture the experience! (F)stop and be there!

Kathy Whitney is the Store Manager at the Connecticut Historical Society

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