G. Fox for all your holiday needs

The weather is having a bit of a fit this week…it can’t quite decide if it is winter or fall.  Either way, the air is getting chillier and people are looking to get warmer.  Now-a-days we hop in the car and head to the nearest mall, specialty shop, or big-box store to find our cold weather gear, but there was a time when shopping for winter was an event.  An event that often took place at G. Fox and Company Department Store in downtown Hartford.


Exterior view of G. Fox Department store, 956-986 Main Street. 1918. x.2000.9.19

By the middle of the 20th century, G. Fox had established itself as THE place to shop in Connecticut (Want to know about the history of G. Fox as a company? Check out Remembering G. Fox & Co, a CHS online exhibition).  Large department stores, like G. Fox, provided people with the ability to get everything they needed under one roof.  For instance, if you were preparing for the holiday season…

You could purchase a dapper suit at G. Fox to wear to a holiday gathering….


Man’s Suit. About 1955. Gift of Mrs. Richard Koopman. 1995.30.41a,b.

Or even a sparkling evening dress….


Dress. 1950s. Gift of Katherine S. Hoffman. 2000.153.0.

And don’t forget to get your party host and hostess a gift….


Box. 1940-1950. Gift of the children of Richard and Georgette Koopman .2007.24.64.

Not sure what to get?  Have no fear, just grab a bottle of Fox’s whiskey…


Whiskey Bottle. 1940-1965. Gift of the children of Richard and Georgette Koopman. 2007.24.44.

Not really the holiday-party type?  Instead of picking up some party supplies, why not grab a warm coat for your day-to-day comfort of having fun and doing business in the cold winter months.


Woman’s Coat. About 1950. Gift of the estate of Marcella Putnam. 1991.143.5.

Or pick out a warm hat…spending winter in the city? Great!


Woman’s Hat. 1955-1960. Gift of Bryant Tolles, Jr. 1994.212.18.

Spending it in the country?  No problem!


Woman’s Hunting Hat. 1930-1960. Gift of Mrs. Richard Koopman. 1999.88.2.

G. Fox had everything you needed to make your holiday’s bright.  You could even pick up kid’s gifts at the toy department, holiday cards in the stationary department, or have your hair done at the salon.  One stop at G. Fox and you could take care of it all!

If you are interested in learning even more about G. Fox during the holiday season, come join us on a behind-the-scenes tour on December 14th where CHS will get out some of its finest G. Fox items and help you remember the thrill of the holiday season.  For more information check out: http://www.chs.org/calendar.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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Karen DePauw is a Research and Collections Associate at The Connecticut Historical Society. Along with aiding patrons who visit the museum in their research efforts, Karen works behind the scenes with the costume and textile collection. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History, double minoring in Theatre and Theology, from Quincy University. Karen obtained her Master of Science degree at the University of Rhode Island in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design, with a specialization in Historic Costumes and Textiles.

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