Inside the Artist’s Studio


When the family of artist Richard Welling gave the contents of his studio to the Connecticut Historical Society in 2011 and 2012, they not only donated a vast collection of drawings, prints, and photographs, they also donated the brushes and pens and magic markers that Welling used to create his iconic images, the binoculars that he used for viewing distant buildings, the hard hat he wore when visiting construction sites, a wealth of homely objects that bring his creative process vividly alive for us today and that will be even more compelling and evocative for future generations who very likely will have lost touch with the processes once used for making art.  Look at the lazy Susan full of drawing implements in the corner of this picture of the artist’s studio, 2011_465_6atocccthen at the same lazy Susan in the drawing of the artist’s studio.  Both the drawing and the actual lazy Susan are now in the Richard Welling Collection at the Connecticut Historical Society.  Such intimate glimpses bring us very close to the man and his work.  In the fall of 2014, when CHS plans to mount an exhibition about Richard’s Welling Hartford, the gallery at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain will be featuring a different selection of works, examining Welling’s achievement as an artist.  CHS is working to digitize and catalog the collection before the exhibitions open and is looking for your financial support.Please help us achieve our goal.


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