Catherine had her miniature taken

One of CHS’s great friends recently donated another Charlotte Cowles letter to add to what we already have. Of course, I was pleased as punch! In this letter, again written from Farmington to her brother Samuel in Vermont, she indicates their mother is dictating what to write, but I still hear Charlotte’s voice. She relates an accident suffered by Cousin Austin, when his wagon was overturned by a carriage driven by a man who had just “called at the last tavern”. No wonder Horace, her father, attends Temperance meetings!

My favorite bit of this particular letter, however, comes near the end:

Catharine had her miniature taken last week, by a travelling painter, who has also drawn Susan and Sarah Cowles. He called here yesterday morning and shewed the three. They are pretty correct, but very coarse. He is very urgent to have father employ him, and has called once before on the same errand. After he had gone, father asked me how I would like to have him take mine. I told him I would never have my phiz [physiognomy] sketched out on ivory, if it could not look better than those did; my superior beauty being unquestionable.

Oh how I wish she had had her portrait done, even if poorly. I so want to see Charlotte and judge for myself her “superior beauty.” She has certainly impressed me with her internal beauty.

You can read this “new” letter from Charlotte by requesting Ms 101855 in the Waterman Research Center.

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