The Connecticut Landscape…in our entrance hall

As some of you may already know, this year we are teaming up with FoxCT and the Hartford Courant to celebrate the Courant’s 250th anniversary.  Part of that partnership is a segment on FoxCT every first Thursday of the month called From the Vault where we bring a few items out of storage and give you all a peek.

View of Norwich. About 1840. 1945.2.0.

View of Norwich. About 1840. 1945.2.0.

After doing this segment since February, we’ve learned a few things.  One, is that so many members of the CHS staff put in a lot of effort to make these appearances a success…so why not stretch the result of that work a little bit further?

This month we have installed the items from From the Vault in our entrance hall display cases where you can come and see them in person.  But, they will only be up for the month of July, so come in soon or you might miss them!  In August, we’ll put in items that reflect the new month’s theme.

Mohegan Miniature Covered Basket. 1840-1860. 1950.450.0a,b.

Mohegan Miniature Covered Basket. 1840-1860. 1950.450.0a,b.

We took a three-pronged approach to the Connecticut Landscape this month and have items that look at how the landscape was depicted, how it was used, and how it inspired design.  One of my favorite items is the basket pictured above, I don’t think there is any group that embodies the idea of using the landscape to the fullest more than the Native Americans.  The ash used to created the above basket, plus the natural dyes used to decorate it, come together to create an end product that is both functional and gorgeous.

Because of the size of the cases, we were also able to add a few special things that we did not take to the FoxCT studio with us this morning, like this adorable little girl’s dress.  If you have the chance you must come in and see her, she is even more adorable in person!

Girl's Dress. About 1883. Gift of Mariette Newman Fitch. 1952.69.1.

Girl’s Dress. About 1883. Gift of Mariette Newman Fitch. 1952.69.1.


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Karen DePauw is a Research and Collections Associate at The Connecticut Historical Society. Along with aiding patrons who visit the museum in their research efforts, Karen works behind the scenes with the costume and textile collection. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History, double minoring in Theatre and Theology, from Quincy University. Karen obtained her Master of Science degree at the University of Rhode Island in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design, with a specialization in Historic Costumes and Textiles.

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