We’re with You, Ella!

May 10 was the birthday of Ella Grasso, the first woman in the United States to become Governor in her own right. She would have been ninety-four years old. Grasso was born in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, the daughter of Italian immigrants. She was elected Governor of Connecticut in 1975. This photograph shows her campaigning for re-election at the Danbury Fair. In an article in the Hartford Courant, Barbara Kennelly recalled the campaign. “At the Danbury Fair, all we heard were shouts of ‘Ella! We’re with you, Ella.  She was THE personality.” The warm and charm of this tough politician come through clearly in the photograph. If anyone knows the identity of the man in the jeep or any of the other people in the picture, please let us know! To find out more, go to YourPublicMedia.