To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives

Connecticut residents were heavily involved in the settlement and development of the area of Ohio called the Western Reserve. In fact, there is a Western Reserve Historical Society. They look at the area from the Ohio “side” while we look at it from the Connecticut “side”. One family heavily invested in the Western Reserve was the Hart family of Saybrook, Conn. Continue reading

“…the War…with Great Britain, is extensively unpopular;”

A little Friday fun…

The War of 1812 was not too popular with New Englanders!

Petition, Whiting family papers, 1754-1819, Ms 19073. Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, CT

“WHEREAS great pains have been taken to impress the public mind with the idea that the War in which we are engaged, with Great Britain, is extensively unpopular; and that it will not be supported by the People of New-England, the undersigned think proper to declare, that while they lament the necessity of a War, they are fixed in the determination to support it, till the attainment of an honorable peace.”

The petition is not dated. Above the printed text, “Windham, Connecticut” was hand written.

This piece, and the rest of the Whiting family papers, are available for research.