Celebrating Birthdays at the CHS!

This past week I celebrated my 31st birthday (not a milestone year at all!) – at home, in my pajamas all day, glued to hour after hour of non-academic television shows, and watching the snow fall outside. By the end of the day, my Connecticut yard was blanketed with about 10 inches of snow. I did venture outside to shovel a path for my Border Collie, Poncho, and, along with my husband, played a little soccer with him. This was one of the highlights of birthday #31!

Poncho and his favorite soccer ball

Poncho and his favorite soccer ball on a much warmer day. 


We are celebrating many other birthdays at the Connecticut Historical Society this winter!

On January 31st – the birthday of Curtis Veeder – our staff celebrated in style at our holiday party. Food, drink, duckpin bowling, and lots of laughs filled the night!

Curtis Veeder, an inventor, was born on January 31, 1862 in Pennsylvania, but later moved to Hartford, Connecticut where he opened the Veeder Manufacturing Company in 1895. His company, which produced counters – cyclometers, odometers, etc – merged with the Root Company of Bristol, CT in 1928. Veeder-Root is still in business and has its national headquarters in Simsbury, CT. Veeder lived with his wife, Louise, and their two daughters, Josephine (who just happens to share my February 5th birthday!) and Dorothy at the home which is now the Connecticut Historical Society. If you are interested in learning more about Curtis Veeder, his family, and the building, join us for our monthly Secrets of the Veeder Tours

Curtis Veeder sitting in his office, which is now the Executive Director’s office at CHS.

Curtis Veeder sitting in his office, which is now the Executive Director’s office at CHS.

We also offer children’s birthday parties at the Connecticut Historical Society! Different party themes provide an unforgettable birthday celebration for children turning 4-9. VERY excited for this coming weekend – a party is planned for a special 5 year old!

Dr. Seuss is a family-favorite in many households. We had so much fun celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America last year at CHS that we have decided to do it again! Join us on Saturday, March 2 for this FREE family program.

 Erin Strogoff is the Coordinator of Youth & Family Programs at the Connecticut Historical Society.

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